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clients from a broad array of industries rely on frontline security & training services inc. for a wide range of superior security services.

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frontline security & training services inc is a certified (nysdcjs) school that has new york state certified training instructors on site.

Cybersecurity researchers from Sophos have analyzed Google's and Apple's mobile app stores and found multiple fake ChatGPT apps which, through dubious practices, forced users into subscribing to a service. "With interest in AI and chatbots arguably at an all-time high, users are turning to the Apple App and Google Play Stores to download anything that resembles ChatGPT. These types of scam apps-what Sophos has dubbed 'fleeceware'-often bombard users with ads until they sign up for a subscription. They're banking on the fact that users won't pay attention to the cost or simply forget that they have this subscription. They're specifically designed so that they may not get much use after the free trial ends, so users delete the app without realizing they're still on the hook for a monthly or weekly payment."

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